Great American Beer Festival

Great American Beer Festival, 10/2-10/4 (don’t list the hours for this one) @ Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver CO 80202.

Great American Beer Festival 2014 in Denver, October 2-4. We competed with 1,300 breweries entering a total of 5,700 beers to be judged. The beer hall had 700 booths with 3,500 different beers for sampling! Yep, it was massive!

Crowd @ GABF


Fragglefest 8/24, 12-5 @ Linden Street Brewery 95 Linden St, Oakland, CA 94607.

Fragglefest was an event held at Linden Street Brewery in honor of Oakland Beer Enthusiast Fraggle who passed away at the young age of 47.  It was a day of drinking and moshing to some of Fraggle’s favorite punk bands, Fraggle would have been pleased!

Fragglefest 2014 flyer

Drink Eat Play

Drink Eat Play, 8/16, 12-5 @ Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA

Drink Eat Play was another beer fest this summer at Fort Mason in San Francisco, August 16th. It was a great event and the winter edition of this festival is coming up January 24th 2015. Save the date Lucky Devil fans, it’s a super fun time and the view is killer!

Drink Eat Play 2014 event flyer

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Breastfest, 7/12, 2-6 @ Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion 2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123.

The 2014 Breastfest in San Francisco was an awesome event and this year was it’s 14th year raising $$ for Breast Cancer!

Breastfest 2014 flyer

The Easter Canada Goose Parka bunny also left him new felt

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I’m in Secondary right now, and I feel like the curriculum canada goose outlet jackets rollout should have been grade 12 down instead canada goose factory sale of canada goose uk shop kindergarten up. I feel like it canada goose outlet canadagooseoutleta uk is canada goose store good theory but not enough resources or (time!) to Canada Goose Coats On Sale implement canada goose outlet in usa correctly. I’m learning services (sped) so I’m kind of looking from the outside in. canadian goose jacket My district was one of the cheap Canada Goose ones that cut learning services to fulfill the 2002 contract language, although we’ve been told that canada goose outlet shop will change next year. It has been uk canada goose challenging placing coded students in classes with the high number of IEPs we have at cheap canada goose uk my school, and the limited EAs.

I was a support Canada Goose Outlet teacher in elementary buy canada goose jacket cheap last year and I feel like the new curriculum worked better in that environment but was still under supported by resources.

My doctor had referred me to GreenLeaf clinic in Langley (the other option she offered was Compassion Clinic in Vancouver) canada goose outlet store uk GreenLeaf also does video chat canada goose canada goose coats on sale outlet toronto factory appointments if you’re not local.

Anyway, Greenleaf took about an hour to go through my symptoms and suggest a regime for me with various strains and dosing. I’m just starting mine since Canada Goose Jackets I then canada goose clearance needed to order online from the federal dispensaries and the paperwork had to go through, etc

But I’d canada goose outleta recommend anyone in BC who is serious about medical cannabis, and especially if your not as knowledgeable (I wasn’t but am learning!) to use one of these goose outlet canada 2 clinics.

With my complicated medical history my GP wouldn’t refer me anywhere else. PM me if you canada goose outlet online uk have any questions :)

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Banks wary as UK targets gaming of risk weights

Bankers see risk to economy and models from standardisation

Canada Goose Parka By Steve Slater

canada goose clearance LONDON, Feb 25 buy canada goose jacket cheap (Reuters) Britain banks could Canada Goose sale need tens of billions of pounds more capital as part of a crackdown on internal risk canada goose uk shop models that are deterring investors and undermining efforts to shield the global financial system from future shocks.

The FSA has stepped up that scrutiny in the uk canada goose outlet past two months, banking sources said, as part of buy canada goose jacket a wider trend in Europe towards standardising guidelines on how banks should calculate the riskiness of loans amid concern some are gaming their internal models to flatter their financial health.

The issue is controversial. A large jump in capital requirements for the likes of Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, and Royal Bank of Scotland, could further choke off the supply of credit, hurting the canada goose clearance economy.

canadian goose jacket risk weights) is a blunt tool but it gives you consistency across the banks, a senior official at a top British bank said, adding the flip side was that the blunter it was, canada goose the more banks with better risk management get punished.

Lenders are under huge Canada Goose Jackets pressure to have higher capital ratios as new global rules, known as Basel III, are phased in this year to prevent a repeat Canada Goose Parka of the 2007 09 financial crisis.

Canada Goose sale To meet the new rules, lenders are cutting their risk weighted assets (RWAs) through disposals, by cutting risky businesses, and hedging. They are also tinkering with their internal models to make their holdings appear less risky, undermining the credibility canada goose uk black friday of Basel III.

cheap Canada Goose Basel rules stand or fall by the RWA calculations. If there are questions on how banks calculate canada goose black friday sale their RWAs, the right amount of capital is almost a moot point if you cannot trust the denominator, said Mike Harrison, an analyst at canadian goose jacket Barclays.

Canada Goose Outlet are just uncomfortable Canada Goose Outlet with the risk weightings, he said. is difficult to find a smoking canada goose coats gun that shows banks are gaming the system. But there is an absence of proof that they are not.

canada goose deals Deutsche Bank said last month changes to its model had helped cut RWAs by 55 billion euros in the fourth quarter, boosting its capital ratio. Finance canada goose store chief Stefan Krause defended the changes, saying the German lender models would cheap Canada Goose hold up amid moves to harmonize RWAs globally.

Both Basel regulators and canada goose coats on sale the Bank of England say banks have shown canada goose uk outlet wide variance in assessing risk in a sample portfolio of assets. The most prudent British banks estimated they needed more than three times as much capital as Canada Goose online the most cheap canada goose uk aggressive banks for the same assets, the BoE canada goose outlet chicago said.

The Bank of England has estimated the capital shortfall for Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and RBS could be as much as 35 billion pounds ($53 billion) if weightings were standardised.

Barclays last week increased its RWAs by 20 billion pounds to reflect methodology changes, effectively meaning it needs to hold 2 billion pounds more capital. It was allowed to increase its dividend, however, which analysts said showed the FSA was comfortable with its capital strength.

buy canada goose jacket State backed lenders Lloyds and RBS could be most affected by the stricter rules as they have thinner capital cushions than rivals and the large size of their loan books means even small changes in risk weightings can have a significant impact, several bankers and analysts said.

RBS said last year stricter rules will add 50 65 billion pounds to its RWAs by the end of 2013. Banks were expected to give more detail of the impact in results in the next two weeks. and other government bonds.

That bumped up risk weightings on sovereign debt by about a third, bankers said, at a time when banks were being told to hold these assets as extra liquidity.

buy canada goose jacket cheap A DELICATE ISSUE The Bank of England Financial Policy Committee (FPC), which looks out for trouble spots in the financial system, said in November the way that banks calculated RWAs was too and canada goose factory sale opaque and needed fixing. The FSA was told to assess the problem and report back for a March 19 FPC meeting.

canada goose clearance sale The FSA had already forced banks to attach canada goose clearance sale a higher risk to corporate loans and government bonds, meaning they have to set uk canada goose aside more capital to cover potential losses. It is also assessing mortgages, mirroring a more conservative approach being taken in Sweden Canada Goose Coats On Sale and Switzerland.

The FSA was not expected to go as far in standardising residential mortgages risk as it went with commercial loans, but one Canada Goose Online option is to set a minimum level, as Sweden has done.

The FSA, like other national regulators, has been approving large banks internal risk model for years, but only in the past 18 months did it acquire specialist teams to better question models, a senior industry source said.

canada goose black friday sale The FSA most significant change has been to standardise the way commercial real estate loans are assessed.

Canada Goose online Known as loans are put in one of four categories and given the same risk weighting across all lenders. It means banks must hold billions more capital, which is being phased in and due to be fully in place by the end of this year.

Canada Goose Jackets It is unclear how far and fast the next phase of change will be. Andrew Bailey, the regulator overseeing the assessment, said last week it was delicate issue

canada goose store A senior executive at a British bank said there was significant danger in imposing standardised weightings and ignoring historical models and differences across banks in their risk management skills, how losses are defined and their attitudes to collecting losses.

canada goose coats a risk sensitive approach to the capital held against a given asset in favour of a more standardised approach would actually introduce more risk into the financial system.

canada goose The discrepancy in banks models and the lack of transparency are deterring investors more than 60 percent of investors surveyed by Barclays analysts last year said they had lost confidence in RWAs.

“The cough syrup challenge is just a symptom of a faulty system

Nigeria bans codeine cough syrup to stop an addiction epidemic

They drink it in alleyways and markets, at bars and in private homes. They take it straight or mix it cheap moncler jackets with Coca Cola, making their purchases underground or in pharmacies, with a prescription or without.It’s codeine cough syrup, and Nigerian lawmakers estimate that the residents of just two states in the country’s northconsume more than3 moncler uk outlet million bottles of cheap moncler sale it each day.”There moncler outlet online is no uk moncler outlet family moncler outlet prices now that is not affected,” said Oluyemisi moncler outlet store Ogun,the medical director at a psychiatric hospital inLagos, at a symposium in Nigerialast year. The government claims the ban is the result of an internal investigation and not related to the BBC’s report.Codeine moncler outlet sale is an addictive opioid that is often prescribed to treat pain and is mixed in with some cough syrups. Although legal in certain circumstances,consuming large amounts of it can cause psychosis and organ failure. Earlier this year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime warned the discount moncler jackets Nigerian government that an increasing number cheap moncler coats mens of young people were consuming pharmaceutical drugs, codeine among them, on a recreational basis.But the best moncler jackets ban might not do much to end Nigeria’s pharmaceutical addiction problem. “The cough syrup challenge is just a symptom of a faulty system,” said Adeolu Ogunrombi, a project coordinator at Youth RISE Nigeria, an organization that researches drug policy reform.”If we are just banning the cough syrup to try to solve the problem, then we are actually missing the point.”Ogunrombi moncler sale outlet blames easy access to the moncler sale medicine on corruption and loopholes in the Nigerian public health system,including pharmacies that fail to ask for prescriptions. While codeine based cough syrup was legal in Nigeria, it was only supposed to be handedout to patients with a valid prescription or tothose with a pharmaceutical license.The side effects of codeine are dangerous, but Ogunrombi fears that an outright ban onthe syrup will let moncler usa the government step back uk moncler sale from responsibility for widespread addiction and open the door to unregulated and potentially more dangerous replacements.”A ban has not eliminated the demand moncler outlet woodbury for the substance.Cough syrup addiction is not just a Nigerian moncler online store problem. But ina country still struggling to provide basic health care to many of its citizens, treating widespread addiction regardless whether the syrup itself is legal anymore is one of many particular challenges. The government lacks enough social workers to handle other major problems, including the Boko cheap moncler jackets mens Haram insurgency and a migration crisis.That has left addicts to be dealt with more as problems than as victims. The BBC documentary published this moncler womens jackets week shows some cough syrup addicts chained at centers that are ostensibly cheap moncler jackets womens helping them recover from their cheapmoncler syrup induced episodes of psychosis.”Our drug policy is tackling a health problem using a criminal justice approach,” Ogunrombi moncler sale online said. “We don’t moncler outlet even consider that someone who is dependent on drugs is still a human being.”.

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