It could also be very soft tissue that doesn want to move

With its strong subscriber base, rising on demand service and improving customer service, Netflix is a decent stock. However, investors should not ignore that its international profitability is still laggard in comparison to its domestic profitability. Netflix is also under the heavy burden of content obligation.

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swimsuits for women There will be (and are) more, I promise. John Kracynski and Chris Pratt are probably conservative too, but could never say it.eMeM_ 0 points submitted 1 hour agoI don think Elon Musk is the right person to become KiA mascot for anti media bias swimwear sale, because of his stupid ideas, and becaue he does look like an angry child throwing tauntrums when things stopped going the way he imagined.He was media poster boy for many years, if not for the media he wouldn be where he is now, and they “turned on him” (meaning switched from praising his infinite genius to covering his enterprises in a more full way) not because of his political views or anything like that, but because people started to realise how much of a con artist he is, so now he hates media.munchiselleh 2 points submitted 1 hour agoWill there ever be a “right” person for an anti media mascot, or do you harness opportunity when you see it, much like how the left latched onto Schneiderman? Clearly that was a bad idea.I don’t know the answer, but musk getting criticized for tweeting is a good thing, because it shows how thin skinned the media is, and how they can kill their own darlings as soon as they become inconvenient (kanye)I for one welcome any damage he does, and couldn’t care less if he goes down in the fire.To me, it’s far leftism consuming itself.KR_Blade 70 points submitted 7 hours agoif i had to guess, he getting sick of the bullshit, while he and his workers are trying day and night to bring us the future in technology, here you have journalists not caring, musk could announce that spaceX effectively create a ship that could get us to mars in days or weeks and it would be a small 30 second article or news story before we see a 2 hour story on whatever stupid thing trump did or other useless bullshit that isnt newsworthy.honestly think he snapped a bit and he declared war on media, he gonna get them to actually report the news or he gonna find a way to tear it down, and i for one think its awesome. 4 points submitted 3 hours agoYou’re right, and I realized after I posted that there are innumerable instances in which ignorance doesn’t give you a free pass.Confusion, however, gets you farther than most people realize, perhaps not in the case of felonies (unless Democrat), but in the court of public opinion or on the level of traffic tickets, I’ve seen it work countless times.People don’t expect liars to make themselves vulnerable, but good ones always will, because it lends them credence.Hillary’s done it, Talcum X has done it, Al Franken did it, Clapper’s done it, SJWs and antifa do it, newscasters.It’s social engineering swimsuits for women.