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A Chocolate Affair with Lucky Devil

Chocolate is all gone, you’ll have to wait patiently until the next time.

We’ve teamed up with Chocolatier Blue to design Aleister Abbey flavored chocolates. Order an Aleister Abbey at participating restaurants and receive a Lucky Devil flavored chocolate to go with it.  Available while supplies last at the following locations: Homeroom in Oakland, Beer Revolution in Oakland, Pacific Coast Brewing in Oakland, Freehouse in Berkeley, Cafe V in Berkeley, and Elevation 66 Brewing in El Cerrito.

It’s here!

poster-alister-abbeyWhat an intensely great feeling to have the first batch of Aleister Abbey loaded up on the truck and headed off to make deliveries.  All those new shiny filled kegs and bottles are gonna make some Lucky people very Devilish or maybe some Devilish people very Lucky… Drive safely good sir, lots of thirsty people are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

Lucky Devil Fans

Alright Lucky Devil fans, the beer release party lineup has been set, and its gonna be awesome!  Tuesday November 19th @ Elevation 66 Brewing Company in El Cerrito, Wednesday November 20th @ Pacific Coast Brewing Company in Oakland, Thursday November 22 @ Rosamunde Sausage Grill in Oakland, and Saturday November 23rd @ Beer Revolution in Oakland.  The Lucky Devil crew and head brewer will be present at all these venues, come by and say hi!

And so it begins

And so it begins… All our planning and hard work has finally paid off as the first batch of Aleister Abbey has been brewed and is now in the fermenter!  Our special thanks goes out to everyone involved who’s dedication and attention to detail helped get Lucky Devil off to a great start.