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Two new Lucky Devil Beers!

We are loving the new Oud Kriek! This is our two year aged version of 2015 Oud Kriek, our Barrel Aged Sour Cherry Ale. It started as a Belgian style golden ale, then we aged it for twenty four months  in Pinot Noir, Syrah and Makers Mark whiskey barrels with Brett, Lacto and Oregon Tart Cherries.. It  is a sour aficionado’s dream come true, with an intense tartness and delicious, delicate cherry and stone fruit notes. Aging it for an extended period beautifully balanced and blended all the wine, wood, whiskey, fruit and wild yeast flavors. 8% ABVoud kriek

For our dark beer lovers we also have a delicious new Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Black Sabbath. Aptly named, Black Sabbath is dark and heavy, melodically smooth and intense. Barrel aged in Wild Turkey barrels for 22 months, it is a very complex brew, fermented with the Westmalle Trappist Ale yeast.  It has a huge Bourbon and Oak nose, with complimenting flavors of vanilla, smoke, chocolate and a very fruit forward funky character from the yeast and extended barrel aging time.This is a very special, small batch beer, perfect for the holidays. 9% ABV

boris karloff black sabbath                                                .                                                                                                                            .


New Beer just In Time For S. F. Beer Week!

We have just released an amazingly delicious new beer which you will be able to enjoy at a number of exciting upcoming Beer Week events. The Oud Framboise is a tart and refreshing Belgian style Golden Ale aged for a year in pinot noir, syrah and Makers Mark barrels with raspberries, brett and lacto. Try it at Jupiter’s Sour Sunday on 2/12, Albany Tap Room’s Barrel Aged Fest on 2/17, or come vote for it at Diving Dog’s “Battle of The Bay” on 2/15. Savor it with chocolates from Michael Mischer at Somar Bar’s Lucky Devil Tap Take Over and Chocolate Pairing which will run from 2/15- 2/19, we have also saved some of our coveted Chocolate Jesus for this special event. Or come find us pouring our tasty libations at both The Gala opening event in S.F. and The Celebrator’s closing event in Berkeley. Cheers to another S. F. Beer Week!


Chocolate Jesus Has Arrived!

We have a new beer just in time for Christmas! Chocolate Jesus, a Belgian Chocolate Imperial Stout that is smooth, rich and decadent. It’s fermented with Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and a Trappist ale yeast, with an ABV of 9.1% and 31 IBUs. Brewed as a collaboration with Linden Street Brewing as part of The Oakland Beer Drinkers Association Series. This is a very special limited release so be sure to treat yourself while it’s still around.                                                     


New beer! Angel Dust Belgian Style White IPA

We have a delicious new beer brewing! It’s a Belgian Style White IPA with 70 IBUs and 7% ABV. Angel Dust is  remarkably dank and aromatic with notes of grapefruit,
eucalyptus, mandarin orange and a slight hint of coriander. Adorned with a plethora of Simcoe and Mosaic hops, Angel Dust threatens to become a delectable addiction for many a hophead.


New Lucky Devil beers!

The first of our Pinot Noir barrel aged sours as well as a whiskey barrel aged one-off are ready just in time for for S.F. Beer Week!

We are releasing the Oud Kriek: a Belgian-style sour aged in Pinot Noir barrels with Sour Cherries. Oud Kriek is Tart and Complex with a pleasant stone fruit character that blends nicely with the Oak and Pinot Noir tones. Also the Brollachan: a Belgian-style strong ale aged in Wild Turkey whiskey barrels.  Brollachan is a collaboration with Elevation 66 Brewing company, smooth & velvety, slightly smokey with well rounded whiskey and charred oak notes.



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