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A list of or beers

Old 666

  Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale aged in Wild Turkey barrels    8.5% ABV    Old 666 is very smooth with bourbon, oak and vanilla undertones.


   Belgian-style Strong Ale aged in Wild Turkey whiskey barrels    8.5% ABV    Brollachan is a collaboration with Elevation 66 Brewing company, smooth & velvety, slightly smokey with well rounded whiskey and charred oak notes.


Chocolate Jesus

  Belgian Style Imperial Chocolate Stout   31 IBU,  9.1% ABV    Chocolate Jesus is smooth, rich and decadent. Fermented with Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and our Trappist ale yeast. Brewed in collaboration with Linden St. Brewing

Black Sabbath

  Belgian Style Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 9% ABV   Black Sabbath was aged in Wild Turkey barrels for 22 months.  It is a very smooth and complex brew, fermented with the Westmalle Trappist Ale yeast.  It has a huge Bourbon and Oak nose, with complimenting flavors of vanilla, smoke, chocolate and a very fruit forward funky character from the yeast and extended barrel aging time.                             

Angel Dust

 Belgian Style White IPA    70 IBU, 7% ABV~  Angel Dust is  remarkably dank and aromatic with notes of grapefruit,eucalyptus, mandarin orange and a slight hint of coriander. Adorned with a plethora of Simcoe and Mosaic hops, Angel Dust threatens to become a delectable addiction for many a hophead.

Oud Framboise

 Belgian Style  Barrel Aged Sour Raspberry Ale 8% ABV   Oud Framboise was aged in Pinot Noir, Syrah and Maker’s Mark barrels with raspberries, brettanomyces and lactobacillus for 12 months.  This beer is tart and delicious with a very refreshing raspberry flavor and aroma.  The blending of three different types of barrels brings a complex, yet smooth compliment to this very special brew. Bronze Medal winner in the California State Fair, 2017 and 2018

Oud Kriek

 Belgian Style Barrel Aged Cherry Sour Ale 8% ABV          A Belgian style golden ale aged for twelve months  in Pinot Noir, Syrah and Makers Mark whiskey barrels with Brett, Lacto and Oregon Tart Cherries.Tart cherry flavors and aromas blended with complex wine, whiskey and oak character make for an intense and satisfying flavor bomb.  


Oud Cassis Barrel Aged Blackcurrant Sour Ale

8% ABV~ 20 Month Barrel Aged Belgian Sour Ale, fermented with Mangoes, Black Currants, Brett and Lacto.  Oud Cassis is a sour fans dream, a refreshingly tart sour with the perfect blend of fruit and time in the barrel. Subtle notes of mango soften the tartness of the fruit forward blackcurrant while hints of coriander complete the profile of this perfectly balanced sour ale. Serve with duck in a balsamic glaze or start your meal with a tulip of Oud Cassis, chevre and figs. Alternatively finish your meal with tangy cheesecake, fresh mango slices and a glass of this delicious elixer.





Our newest beer, Manifeste, is a Grisette, which is a style originally brewed for Belgian coal miners. Fermented with a farmhouse yeast, which added a subtle spiciness, and layered with multiple late hop additions of Mosaic and Simcoe for intense hop aroma & flavor, our Grissette finished similar to a hazy IPA. Citrusy and and light with a slight haze, Manifeste is the perfect refresher for the proletariat. Pairs well with Moules Frites as well as other shellfish dishes or alternately serve as contrast with a peach cobbler for dessert.