Oud Framboise  Belgian Style  Barrel Aged Sour Raspberry Ale 8% ABV                                    Oud Framboise was aged in Pinot Noir, Syrah and Maker’s Mark barrels with raspberries, brettanomyces and lactobacillus for 12 months.  This beer is tart and delicious with a very refreshing raspberry flavor and aroma.  The blending of three different types of barrels brings a complex, yet smooth compliment to this very special brew.                                                           

Chocolate Jesus  Belgian Style Imperial Chocolate Stout   31 IBU,  9.1% ABV                  Chocolate Jesus is smooth, rich and decadent. Fermented with Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and our Trappist ale yeast. Brewed in collaboration with Linden St. Brewing.

Angel Dust  Belgian Style White IPA    70 IBU, 7% ABV                                                             Angel Dust is  remarkably dank and aromatic with notes of grapefruit,eucalyptus, mandarin orange and a slight hint of coriander. Adorned with a plethora of Simcoe and Mosaic hops, Angel Dust threatens to become a delectable addiction for many a hophead.

Oud Kriek   Belgian-style Sour Ale aged in Pinot Noir barrels with Sour Cherries   7% ABV        Oud Kriek is tart and complex with a pleasant stone fruit character that blends nicely with the Oak and Pinot Noir tones.

Brollachan   Belgian-style Strong Ale aged in Wild Turkey whiskey barrels    8.5% ABV    Brollachan is a collaboration with Elevation 66 Brewing company, smooth & velvety, slightly smokey with well rounded whiskey and charred oak notes.

Old 666   Belgian-style Strong Dark Ale aged in Wild Turkey barrels    8.5% ABV                         Old 666 is very smooth with bourbon, oak and vanilla undertones.

Aleister Abbey

Aleister Abbey is a Belgian style Blonde Abbey brewed according to Belgian traditions. Brewed golden and complex like the sun. This brew is refreshing, with delicious caramel malt notes and subtle noble hop undertones. Enjoy sunrise to sunset, midday to midnight, the perfect offering for any occasion.